DenDen - Map Visibility Services

This is one of the website I have created for the company DenDen, as an employee, the project was to create a Map Visibility Service for businesses. I have created all the identity of the company, the website and all the graphic content.


  • Branding
  • Illustrations/Icons
  • Front-end Design
  • Print

I have been working for DenDen in 2016 and 2017 in an international team in a start-up spirit. This experience was one of the best I have ever had. A lot of brainstorming, ideas, problem solving, analysis, iterations, user tests..

THE WEBSITEDenDen website

Recommendation letter from Kuan Neng Foo, Product Manager at DenDen

Maxime Mechin reported to me at DenDen and over the pas year he has demonstrated dedication and flexibility in his role as a graphic designer. He was required to iterate on designs frequently and quickly for websites, apps and physical promotional materials, as well as generate new ideas and contribute to guerilla marketing tactics.
While working on a gaming app, he stepped up to the role of player community manager in order to accelerate the process of iterating design by staying close in-touch with players for feedback. Maxime demonstrated a particularly sharp ability for understanting player incentive, and used this to great effect in design and marketing materials which he continued to generate himself.
I can recommend Maxime for his strong sense of duty and perseverance, and he was an essential member of our team throughout 2016.

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